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Why am I doing this??

I am desperate, I hate being on medication and pain killers everyday. I have endometriosis and fibromyalgia, the fibro possibly caused by the operations I have had for the endometriosis. I need my life back which has been on hold for nearly three years, it has distroyed my working life, my social life, my day to day life, my dreams of a family and basically my soul. The endo was undiagnosed for 22 years, I had 22 years of thinking and being told I had a low pain threshold, and I was a hypochondriac. Turns out I was none of those things.

So I am adding links about endometriosis and fibromyalgia, mainly because I have a tired hand and no energy to do too much typing. So this is a link to info about endometriosis: 

So my endo has resulted in my peritoneum being removed as it was covered in endometriosis, right up to the bottom of my rib cage. My right fallopian tube is blocked and bent. The outside of my womb was covered in endometriosis and there is probably still endometriosis around my tail bone area as I get pain around there a lot. They can only remove what they can see at the time, its not easy to see the endo when they do operate. They also removed 3 chocolate cysts from my ovaries at my last op and one from the bottom of my right tube.

So before my operations, I couldn't get pregnant at all. Now after the operations, I can fall pregnant but can't carry longer than about 8 weeks. They have all been 'missed miscarriages'. 

 And then there is the fibro. Here is the link:

So after my first op the first clue I had that something else was up was when my husband touched me gently on my back and the sudden pain made me feel physically sick. The fibro is a wierd one, I find the pain in my hips is pretty much daily but other pain seems to change all the time. However I do sometimes get it wrong; recently my foot became very painful on the top and after trying to ignore it for 3 weeks, saying it was fibro, my husband marched me to the docs and yeah, I had a fractured foot. How? Who knows!! 

And then there is the mental side of things. I can't go into them now but for various reasons, mainly childhood trauma, I suffer with a fair bit of anxiety and have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. I think the endometriosis/ fibro can exasperate them a bit. I have had Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which I cannot recommend enough. 

Anyway, more about that later. For now, I just want some energy back and anything else would be a massive bonus. And I am blogging it here, only sharing with other people I know who might benefit from these minerals, if they do what they claim they can do. And I fugured if I shared my journey with you guys it will make me more likely to remember/be bothered to document how I am feeling everyday and then decide at the end of the three months if there has been any noticeable difference in my health.

Thank you for reading, love and hugs